Top Whole House Water Filter – Watts WH-LD

Depending on where you live if you have a water softener you might want to buy a whole house water filter as well. Even if you don’t own water softener a good water filter is still very helpful especially if you live in the area that uses well water like I do. A whole house water filter effectively removes all the dirt, sediment, rust, and other particles that is in your water. Doing so will increase the life of your water softener and maybe even your pipes and plumbing fixtures.

Not to mention that drinking all those particles can’t be good for you and ruins the overall taste of water as well. If all this sounds good to you then I highly recommend getting the Watts WH-LD Premier Whole House Filter System. This model will give you the purified drinking water you’ve always wanted for a very cheap price. At under $50 you really can’t get much better than this so without wasting any time read this review and decide for yourself if you want to get it or not.


Watts WH-LD Premier Whole House Filter Review

best whole house water filter

There really isn’t too much to say about the Watts WH-LD so I’ll try to keep it simple and to the point. This is a NSF tested and certified whole house water filter system that removes almost all of the unwanted impurities in the water. The only downside of this unit is the fact that it doesn’t actually remove chlorine while other models do. I still like this model best though because of the fact it’s so cheap and work so effectively. Not only that but it’s also extremely easy to install and even when you need to buy new filters you won’t have to worry about spending a high price tag. It already comes with three filters and since each one so last you around three months you should be good for about 3/4th of a year.

Out of all the different brands I’ve used this one actually works much better than all the rest. As you want to you can even see the dirt and sediment being trapped inside so you know it’s doing its job well. Included is even a shut off and bypass valve so you can still have running water why you change the filter or even turn it off if need be. Now that I’ve had the Watts WH-LD I really wouldn’t switch to any other brand on the market. If you don’t believe me that this unit is really that good just check out other persons reviews online and you will see that this is the real deal.

Best Review of the Estes Syncro

While some brands are trying to make the biggest and baddest quadcopter on the market, others are thinking much smaller. So small in fact that a new world smallest quadcopter has pretty much came out every year for the past two years. Right now though the world smallest drone is crowned by the Estes Syncro. The Syncro is so small in fact that it’s about the size of a stamp and weighs less than half an ounce. Today we have the pleasure of showing our viewers are review of the Estes Syncro, we hope you enjoy!

Estes Syncro Review

Besides just being the world smallest quad copter the Estes Syncro is actually a ton of fun to fly around. So much fun in fact it was actually awarded “Best New Toy” at the 2014 Nuremberg and London Toy Fairs. You would be surprised that you can actually roll this drone both forward and backward as well as side to side. It’s pretty rare to see a quadcopter of this size able to do tricks but somehow the geniuses over at Estes managed to pull off. Another cool feature is how fast you can actually charge this drone due to its small size and high-powered battery.

review of the estes syncro

Since it’s so small it can actually easily fit in areas where most drones can’t go. I often fly my Syncro through my bookshelf which is pretty cool and actually takes a lot of skill which makes it even more fun. This quadcopter can only be flown indoors though due to the fact it’s so lightweight it would easily be blown around in the wind.

Special Features:

  • 4GHz controller that connects only to your drone so more can be flown at the same time
  • Electronic Gyro
  • 7V 100mAh LiPo battery
  • 4 spare rotors
  • Bright built-in LEDs

So basically this is now my new favorite micro quadcopter and I’m sure many others as well. For the price it really doesn’t get much better than this and I believe this is a must-have for any drone enthusiast. I hope you’ve enjoyed my review of the Estes Syncro and I’m sure if you buy one for yourself you would definitely have tons of fun.


Best Salt Free Water Softener – Descaler

If you are tired of lime scale forming in your pipes, faucets and inside your water appliances but don’t want to get inexpensive water softener then you need to get a descaler. What a descaler or also known as a salt free water softener does is alter the water so that the minerals that form lime scale (calcium and magnesium) don’t stick together for at least an hour or more. While lime scale will still form wherever water sits for too long, anywhere else where water simply passes through will be lime scale free.

Now you can have one of the great effects of a water softener without paying out a lot of money for not only softener but the salt each month. If you’re looking for the best salt free water softener then you will definitely want to go with the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler.


Best Salt Free Water Softener


For a price of around $200 it sure doesn’t get much better than the Eddy water descaler. Considering a traditional water softener can cost anywhere from $700 and up not including salt and maintenance this is an easy purchase for better water for your home. The way this descaler works is by wrapping around the main water pipe and releasing a magnetic field through the water as it passes through the coils. This keeps all the healthy minerals in the water while not allowing them to stick together to form lime scale.

best salt free water softener

Once you set up the Eddy water descaler you will never have to mess with it ever again unless it somehow breaks. Luckily there is a 12 month moneyback guarantee as well as a lifetime repair or replace guarantee. This is how you know this is a top-notch salt free water softener that will surely last you for many years to come, or even better forever. So if you are not interested in getting a water softener want to keep lime scale from forming in your home then the Eddy water descaler is your best bet.